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Week of June 8th to June 14th

Week of June 8th to June 14th
Here is the menu for the 3rd WSOP week.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or food allergies.
Quantities are limited so make sure to reserve your meal the night before.
Snacks available at $5 extra charge. 
Thank you!

Sunday, June 8th -DINNER ONLY:
Choice of:
-Chana masala
Chickpeas, potatoes, and onions in a spicy Indian style tomato sauce
 -Sundried tomato pesto zucchini pasta raw food style
Zucchini "noodles" with a sundried tomato pesto sauce, topped with baby tomatoes and marinated mushrooms
-Both selections come with the salad of the day
Monday, June 9th:

Choice of:

-Tacos in lettuce shell raw food style
-Spiced nut meat, salsa, and avocados with a cashew base chili sour cream

-Wild mushroom quinoa
Quinoa with wild mushrooms in a creamy sauce

-Both selections come with the salad of the day

Tuesday, June 10th:

Choice of:

-Mediterranean bowl
Quinoa topped with falafels, olives, cucumber, tomatoes, and hummus, with tahini dressing

-Chili raw food style
Portobello, veggies, and nuts blended together into a "meat" chili style, served with a cashew base chili lime sour cream

 -Both selections come with the salad of the day

Wednesday, June 11th:

Choice of:

-BLT raw food style
Coconut "bacon" , lettuce, and tomato sandwich with guacamole. Served on dehydrated onion flax bread or dehydrated flax sundried tomato bread

-Portobello and white bean stew
Portobello mushrooms, veggies, and white beans in a red wine sauce

-Both selections come with the salad of the day

Thursday June 12th:

Choice of:

-Perogies raw food style
Homemade cashew pate filling stuffed in thinly sliced jicama

-Lasagna roll ups
Brown rice lasagna noodles filled with a cashew base b├ęchamel sauce, spinach, and pesto rolled up and topped with a tomato sauce

-Both selections come with the salad of the day

Friday, June 13th:

Choice of:

-Tahini zucchini noodles raw food style
Zucchini sliced into "noodles" topped with marinated, carrots, broccoli florets, and cauliflowers with a tahini sauce

-Fiesta quinoa
Quinoa with corn, black beans, veggies, and a cilantro dressing

-Both selections come with the salad of the day

Saturday, June 14th:

Choice of:

-Lentil stew dijonaise
Stew of lentils and veggies with a creamy cashew based Dijon sauce

-Buddah bowl
Quinoa topped with tempeh,  cashews, steamed broccoli, carrots, and baby bok choy with an asian sesame dressing

-Both selections come with the salad of the day


Meals are $22 each.
Discount for 5 or more meals per week to $20 per meals

The menu is created with freshness and health in mind:
  • ORGANIC- I use mostly organic and pesticide free fresh products. Always non-GMO  
  • PLANT BASE- to promote good health, to protect the environment, and for ethical reasons.
  • HIGH NUTRIENTS- to give your body the fuel that it needs.
  • LOTS OF SUPERFOODS- to give stamina, help live longer, and fight diseases.
  • GLUTEN FREE- to reduce inflammatory responses.
  • RAW FOOD STRONG-  as it is the healthiest way to eat. Cooking can kill up to 80% of the nutrients. My meals have an emphasis on fresh raw food.
  • DESSERTS/SNACKS are available at $5 extra cost, please check with me for selection. They are sweetened with natural fruits, dates or stevia. (kale chips, chia pudings, protein bars, spiced nuts, energy balls...)

Orders must be made at least the night before, pre-paid, and are non refundable.
Lunch deliveries are between 1pm to 1:30pm (Rio)
Dinner deliveries are between 6pm to 6:30pm (Rio)
Other deliveries on the Las Vegas strip availlable upon arragement and with a $4 delivery charge

If you are interested in doing the weekly plan or just a few meals, please contact me.

Annie LePage

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